Monday, September 21, 2009

The Show Finnished and Tom is off!

Stuart and I packed up the stand tonight after another big day...the show
was a huge success, so thanks to everyone who made it happen, especially the
show organisers for the space...and my crazy mate Stuart!He has been
virtually full time on this project for three months. We laughed a lot..gave
out about 3000 brochures,stood for far too long and repeated too many
things, made some seriously good contacts for fundraising, spoke with too
many people who have been touched by MND, actually took money into the
bucket on the stand, ate too much junk food and now there may be some HUGE!!
Announcements being made very soon, so stay tuned to this Blog!!

We had a lot of fun playing around with Tom on his 4ft can't see
it, as we are standing in front of it...see earlier Blog...what a true
champion he is..sure he is crazy, but he has passion! He sets off in about a
month to cross the Atlantic, so we decided to sponsor him a bit and now
there is a little Bounty Boat logo on the bow of his little boat!!...Good
Luck Tom.

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