Thursday, September 10, 2009

Successful Press conference!

Mike, Irene from SIF and her daughter and me beside Bounty Boat at the P.C.
We had a great turnout, with about 22 media connections, including a crew
from ABC TV in Australia...plenty of coverage in the UK, Australia and other
parts of the world and today I have had another six crew applicants. Finally
started driving out of London at 4pm and it took two hours before we were on
the freeway to Southampton...London traffic is something else...then on the
way down I received a call about Jessica Watsons incident hitting the ship,
so my night turned into a busy one. Today the BB stand was being built
around the Boat and tomorrow Stuart and I will set everything up in it, so
looking forward to meeting a few people at the show...if you are really
keen, we need a volunteer to man the stand with us...Mike has been called
away for a few days in the middle, so if you would like to help spread the
word about SIF and our BB Expedition, I have some free tickets for the boat
show for you!

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