Tuesday, October 6, 2009


Last day in London on the 28th Sept and had to do a photo Portrait photo
shoot for a book, but it was cancelled at the last minute. I rushed off to
track down Bligh's grave and the gate was locked!...5 minutes before I got
there..so this is as close as I got! Took the shot over the fence...will
have to come back to London again. Have made some interesting connections to
the Pitcairn Island Study Group (who must be laughing at my efforts to sit
alongside Bligh for a few quiet moments) and numerous descendants of Bligh
,his loyal men, plus the mutineers, so we may have to visit a few or
organise a get together. For the moment I have left Bounty Boat in London,
with some new activities planned there in a few weeks. I have flown Back to
Australia for Jessica Watson's press conference on the 7th October in
Sydney. She will set out in a matter of days for her epic solo challenge to
attempt a crack at Mikes record?

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Tim Stackpool said...

If you squint, you can almost read the inscription on his crypt...:)