Tuesday, October 20, 2009


Jessica can finally get into it and she is so happy about that. The world is
watching...in the last month she has been getting an average of 100,000 hits
on her web site everyday and in the last 24 hours she has received 2000
"comments" on her blog...that is people taking the time to actually write to
her...the server coped with a huge rush as she left so to Quote a friend of
mine..."the knockers are standing in the corner of the room at the moment
looking very lonely!"...she is such a great person and so up for this
Advneturer, we are all very proud of her....

Still no big anouncement here yet re sponsors but it is coming! lots going
on in the background. The crew selection went on hold for a few weeks, but
for now I am about to work up the final choice for the third crew spot which
should be annonced by the end of next week. All those that are in the loop I
will be contacting you asap...stand by.

I am in Hobart at the moment and head off to China next week - did you know
the Bounty Replica is in Hong Kong!..and then back to the UK on the 8th
Nov.for 10 days of "activities" I have cosen our Base for the week of
preperations in Tonga..it is a resort on the beach, so if you are thinking
of a holiday and want to sit on a beautiful Tongan beach for a week in mid
April next year, do a bit of diving, fishing,sail on BB then stay tuned.
Stuart and I are planning a BBSIF supporters club and some special deals may
be offered.

In a few days it will officially be 6 months before we set out!

All the best..Don

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