Thursday, November 5, 2009

Third and fifth man selected, 4th getting close!

For all those crew applicants wondering, Yes I have selected the third crew member and we will announce his details soon. I am now going through the final short list to decide on the fourth and hope to make that decision in the next few days. I arrive in the UK on Saturday and plan to set out with BB in tow for The Isle of Skye early on the morning of 11th. Hoping for a great McIntyre Clan reunion! I am picking up Stewart Kershaw another Adventurous sole on the way. He is our Fifth crew member and camera man..we will talk more about him later. He is our reserve crew member who will be with us right up till the minute we set out on the 28th April next year. If something happened to one of the four voyage crew, he is there ready to go. He has rowed the Atlantic with 12 others all in the one boat! He did half that trip with no toilet paper so in many ways he is more experienced than me! He just happens to be a great camera man and film maker also.    

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