Saturday, November 14, 2009

Bounty Boat in Scotland!

Well it has been a crazy week getting back to the UK, meetings about the
Doco and Book, plus plenty of laughs catching up with Mike again. He has had
BB at his house while I have been away. I grabbed a very British hire car,
that has no radio!!, headed off to Leeds to see Sturat my boat show buddy
and then the next day over to Liverpool to pick up the fith crew..Stuart
Kershaw...with a heap of camera gear, then set off to Glasgow and a big
sleep. Then today we came across to the Isle of SKYE!...along the way we
climbed up to the Scotish Highlands and past Ben Lomond and Ben Nevis and
Loch Lomond!! All places that I tried to say in a Scotish accent!!! Not with
any skill!!Good fun then we were driving through a place called
Fort Williams and from the Highway we saw a shop with a MacIntyre name that
looked like it might sell Kilts!!! Now there is an idea??? with Friday
13th big on my mind we stopped , went in and came out looking very Donald
McIntyre!! We found a castle along the way to prove we really are getting
ready for a BIG DAY come back here to check it out!!!...some
big news is about to be announced here within 24 hours!!!

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