Friday, December 4, 2009

SPARKS! are flying on Talisker Bounty Boat

If I look a little worried in this photo, it's because I have left Talisker
Bounty Boat with Simon and Alex at Planet Generators in the UK, to fit all
the electrical systems and I had just explained to them that they need to
make the whole system work underwater...they both said NO PROBLEM!

I know that they can do it, but it is a big ask. For all those now saying
BUT? Bligh did not have electrics? Well we have to be a foreign going ship
and to be legal we must have navigation lights, and a VHF radio. Importantly
we want to speak to the media and film our efforts to stay afloat too. This
all needs power,so we will be fitting two Dryfit gell batteries and four
Flexi-cell solar pannels to provide power. That power will be used for
charging batteries for the Iridium phones and the video cameras and power up
our waterproof "ndura" rugged Laptop for blogging and sending out photos and
maybe even Video clips. Our Echomax radar transponder may be required during
ship encounters, or to increase our radar echo if someone is looking for us.
That too needs power to operate. Lets hope we get plenty of sun but we are
short on water too so need plenty of rain?

Our 48inch flat screen TV with the home theater also uses a lot of power
when playing DVD's , so much infact, that we have decided to leave it home
at this stage. Simon did mention the idea of fitting fuel cells instead of
batteries, which would greatly increase power output! He is confident he can
make the TV work under water you know why I look worried!!

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