Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Friends you hope you don't need! The NZ RCC

When TBB sets sail from Tonga next year, we sail over to Fiji then above
Vanuatu before heading to Australia, all the while being under the umbrella
of the New Zealand Rescue Co-ordination Centre's (RCC) Epirb receiving
station. We will have plenty of challenges, but should we get into trouble
the first EPIRB alert may go to NZ. They are based in Wellington and as it
turns out I had a chance to visit these friendly professionals yesterday. I
told them about the Voyage of Talisker Bounty Boat and my connection with
Jessica Watson who they track every day. They did not think we were totally
crazy, but were happy to know we have all the right safety gear, experience
and planning. Closer to the time, we will send them all our tracking info so
they can watch the adventure unfold daily. Same too with the RCC in
Australia which is based in Canberra. These two organisations have pulled
off some epic rescues over the years. While it is nice to know they are
there , these are friends you hope you never need.

If we ever did, I need to be sure I can look them in the eye and say that we
did everything possible to minimize all the risks with proper training and
preparation, then make their job easy to find and recover us if that is the
plan. I know I could do that.

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Richard in Maryland said...

Hello Don,
I found out about you and your new adventure from following Jesse Watson. I agree with your contention that youth need to embrace adventure. I am into sailing and history. A friend of mine in my sailing club has a nail from th original Bounty, given to him by a friend that was in a National Geographic dive at Pitcairn Island.
Best of luck with your adventure.

Richard Weills
Maryland ,USA