Sunday, December 6, 2009

4th Man selected! all crew signed on!

Well to all those people who applied ..THANKS!..but we now have a full crew. I must say there are more than a few crazy people out there who wanted to be apart of this amazing voyage for all sorts of obscure reasons, women too! which was good to see. The Spirit of Adventure is still alive in many. The Talisker Bounty Boat crew is very much an international affair. I hope to announce the team soon. Talisker are now developing some great plans and we hope to make the web site Multi-lingual by late January.


The Bounty Boat will be shipping out of England on the 15th Dec for Sydney.


I have finally arrived back home in Hobart after time in China and to the Philippines to check out my other boat ICE. On Monday I head to New Zealand for a one week Antarctic conference on Polar shipping issues, then I am only home for 10 days before setting off to Antarctica onboard the 5 star cruise ship ORION. Margie and I are Expedition leaders taking 100 guests down for their first experience. I return on Feb 4th to Hobart, then that day drive to Sydney to meet all the crew on the 5th Feb. That will be the first time all crew get to actually meet each other…it will mark the beginning of an intensive three week training is all happening fast now!!             

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ToSeeTheSea said...

You're a busy man Don. Good to see you have the crew sorted. Looking forward to further updates.