Wednesday, December 23, 2009

MERRY XMAS! Last Panic!


I have only one more day to get everything organised for Talisker Bounty
Boat Training in Sydney. I live in Hobart and at 0430hrs on Xmas day I head
for the airport to catch the first of four planes, finally arriving at the
bottom of the South Island of New Zealand around 2100hrs on Xmas night. I am
joining ORION an Expedition cruise ship on a voyage to Antarctica. That's my
other job. I am Expedition leader on the ship and with the Captain we take
100 guests on an amazing adventure. I arrive home in Hobart on the 3rd
Feb.then leave on the 4th Feb to catch the ferry across Bass Straight.I then
drive north to Sydney with a Van load of "stuff" for TBB. We all get there
on the 5th Feb. So I have to pack it all tomorrow. At the completion of
training the TBB is back in a container to ship to Tonga. So this is it! The
last chance to pack things.

The photo shows me with our version of a Cutlass, Army Surplus! and other
bits sorting at home. Of course the Avon Inflatable support boat has a leak,
we cannot get Fluro safety orange antifouling for the bottom of TBB anymore
( incase we capsize) and some things are still yet to be delivered, so
plenty to think about.

I have just made the decision to build a new Main mast and Doug has agreed
to do it!!! Not sure what I would have done if he said no!! I have to
wait for a special delivery of Fine grain "Spar" Quality Oregan and new
hardware from England. The original Mast was flexing in high winds and I
want it a little taller.

We have the Liferaft, and most of the safety gear now but worried where it
is all going to fit? Have decided on two anchors, an admiralty pattern and a
grapnel which Bligh refers to. Mike is polishing up on his sextant work. I
will do the same in Antarctica and now that I have finally got rid of a bad
Cold that has been with me for a month hopefully I will start to get fit!!
The biggest challenge though for all of us will be trying to get a sun tan!!
before we set off.

Stay Safe Happy and Healthy over the Holidays...THANKS!! To those who have
given donations to SIF here...every bit counts and it is greatly
appreciated. If you have time have another look at the links here to the SIF

The count down to the Mutiny is about to begin...all the best..Don

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