Thursday, September 9, 2010

They were the days!!even with stones?

Well I am on my way to the UK again for some Antarctic Tourism meetings (I
am expedition leader on and while there, will
catch up with camera man Stu to talk about the Doco..he is currently filming
three guys who are "attempting" to ride three JET SKIS from London to
Sydney..can you believe that!! I will also visit the James Caird with Tim to
plan the final fitout of the boat in preperation for sea trials later next
year.Importantly I will also be talking with all my Sheffield Institue
Foundation friends about more fundraising and linking up with the Shackleton
James Caird trip.

Dave Wilco is promising a blog soon. He is very busy with work and family,
but his passion now is acting in a play which sounds amazing. Will let him
tell you about that later. I will catch up with Chris in the Uk soon and
demand a blog. He is looking for work still and enjoying home cooking. He
has gained a stone in this is the last time I will mention
it till next year...I am just holding at 10 kg on in three months
is it? Dave P. is out house hunting at the moment , still looking at little
boats and enjoying life in Tassie.

The big surprise for me was another kidney stone that just sort of popped
out recently..for the rest of my life Stones will always take me back to
Talisker Bounty Boat...for those who know the dramas of the voyage, this one
was a breeze..a little back pain , took a flowmax and in the morning
bingo..a 3mm stone??..getting good at it now and certainly drinking lots of
water. I am hoping that must be the last of the crop I was growing on the
superb Bounty Diet...set for medicle tests end of Sept. Have some BIG
adventure plans for 2014, but Margie is saying..what about the stones? I
just recon no one is perfect and life goes on hey!!

If you have been following this from Hong Kong,looks like we are planning a
TBB talk at the Royal Hong Kong Yacht club sometime in November so watch
this space!Still trying to get the McINTYRE ADVENTURE web site organised to
pull together the last 30 years of adventures under the one roof! Now that
will be interesting.I will let you know when we turn that on.

On a completely different track, if you ever wanted to sail around the world
late next year through the Southern Ocean, via Cape Horn, on a six month
voyage that will include a visit to South Georgia, Kergulen Islands, Cape
Town etc. in a specially built Southern Ocean boat and you have about
$50,000 I may be able to solve you problem! But it will be wet, cold
,miserable and Oh so exciting.....

Life is fun hey!


magpie said...

Jetskis to London to Sydney! I hope they don't get to sit down ☺☺☺
Keep up the gr8 adventures and I hope it's less rocky in the future months.
Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

MJ from Brisbane said...

Margie needs a Gold Medal I reckon!!:-) Glad to hear you are putting on some weight but shame those stones keep turning up.

Jetskis London to Sydney! That should be interesting! Bit harsh Magpie saying you hope they can't sit down!! LOL

Glad to hear all is well.

The local paper here published a photo of Jessica Watsons new pink mini the other day so I know to give it a wide berth if I see her on the highway in case she still thinks she is out in the open ocean!! lol

Cheers MJ