Saturday, September 18, 2010

Party Time!

Back in the UK now staying with Mike Perham and Jessica has just turned up after her USA book tour, so a bit crazy here right now!


I am working on the James Caird today and then tomorrow,Sunday, Jess and I will head down to the Southampton Boat show. Incredible to think just one year ago I was in the car towing Talisker Bounty Boat down to the Southampton show after our press launch in London and the phone rang to tell me Jess had just lost the mast after hitting a little ship..we laughed about that last night???…so much has happened in the last 12 months it seems like it must have been two years ago. Will put Pic’s up here of the James Caird and the boat show on Monday!


The three guys on the Jet ski’s had to be rescued unfortunately. They hooked up with some bad weather which basically flooded the hull compartments and started shutting down their engines. They set off their Epirbs and were picked up by helicopter a few hours later…all this the day AFTER they cancelled their expedition, as they were too far behind their schedule and they were trying to beat some bad weather to get back to the mainland from an island offshore in the Mediterranean. All rather unfortunate, but they are all safe.


Mike is starting a new three year film making course at University here next week and still learning to fly planes for another adventure, Jessica is off to France this coming week to consider some sailing options, Dave Pryce had is cabin nearly snowed in last week and kept the home fire burning, Dave Wilco is apparently scheming some new adventures?…we tried to catch up sort of in Hong Kong, but never quite made it and I should be staying at Chris Wilde’s place on Monday night if all goes can report on his latest soon.


We have made a plan to have Talisker Bounty Boat on display at the Tasmanian Wooden Boat festival in mid February 2011. I will still be on the ORION with Margie returning from Antarctica, so will not be there, but this is the first time the boat has been on display since the expedition was finished. Dave Pryce may be there to chat if he is not in Antarctic so if you would like to check it out, that is the is a great event held every two years. The Boat was on display there two year ago and attracted a lot of interest. I promised then that if we survived the voyage, we would have it there again and it is thanks to the generous support of the organisers that we can do this, even though I will not be there, so thanks to them!!







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magpie said...

Hi Don,
I thought Jessica wouldn't miss the opportunity to pop in.
She's always thinking about her mates and part of a well oiled machine with her manager Fraser from 5 Oceans media.
Part of the ingredients for successful exploring adventurers methinks.
Hoo Roo ☺☺☺