Sunday, September 19, 2010

James Caird at the Henman Steam Rally...biggest in the world@

Saturday. Well I really get off on anyone who has passion and today was an
over load of spine tingling experiences. I had to work on the James Caird
and it had been moved. All I was told was that it was going to be at a
country steam rally, but I could still do all the planning and thinking
while it was there, so I said fine.

In the car driving there, I hear on the radio that they are expecting 20,000
people at the "little" rally in one day!! And sure enough it was BIG!!
Amazing radio controlled air craft, every conceivable type and size of steam
device you could imagine, all driven, made, restored and stoked by some real
characters. The sounds and smells of the coal fires, steam, whistles were a
kids dream. There were vintage Bikes, normal petrol engines, vintage cars,
fire engines, tractors, steam driven herdy gurdy's..just truly amazing. I
was VERY Excited and was there by myself, so just had to bottle a bit of the
energy I was generating...turns out it is the biggest steam rally in the

In the corner was the Boat and even with the distractions I was able to
spend 5 hours onboard making some very important decisions. Just one was the
realization that even though Shackleton had 6 onboard. we will be pushed to
get just five. Tomorrow it is the boat show with Jess!


magpie said...

Wow Don!
I'm glad you were there, my 15 year old was trying to figure out if there was any nightlife or rides at the show?
Have fun with Jessica and company and please get a few snapshots for us.
Hey.... Could you even get one with her and a card that says "G'day Jessaholics?"
Hoo Roo ☺☺☺

Richard in Maryland said...

Hi Don,
I went to a steam farm tractor show in Illinois when I was a teenager. They used to make steam tractors the size of locomotives for the Western wheat fields in the US. England was in her stride in the age of steam, so I can only imagine all the great stuff you saw.
Re the James Caird. I missed seeing her when she was on display in Washington DC at the National Geographic HQ. I have read all the books on the Shackleton expedition, with the exception of the one you referenced written by his second in command.
I enjoyed meeting Jess in NYC very much. I wish I had been able to read her book before the meeting! Say hi to her for me, and good luck with the boat show!

All the Best in Your Adventures!
Richard Weills

Ailsa said...

Hi Don,
Goodness you're busy. If I blink I think within that blink moment you'd achieve more than most of us achieve in a lifetime. I have been off line for over a month so am just catching up on your site now. I moved house - I thought I was busy till I read what you've been doing.

Whilst sorting out my 34 years of stuff at the old house I came across a letter my late husband had sent to my dad - my dad in turn seems to give everything to me for some reason. In the letter to my dad my husband writes about 2 videos he wanted my dad to see. I quote what he then wrote:

'One features two friends, Don and Marg McIntyre, who sailed to Antarctica, erected a prefabricated hut and spent the winter studying the bird life ..... ' etc etc.

My husband was Denis Gibbons who worked at the ABC. I remember clearly the video he refers to.

My comments on your site were usually referring to my interest in Australian history and how wonderful it is to see you 'bring to life' one of the stories of our amazing history. My interest in the stories from our history evolved from Denis's passion for it. I am also one of the dedicated Jessaholics who supported young Jessica throughout her journey. Talk about the 6 (or less) degrees of separation!

Thank you for further inspiring us to pursue our own dreams.

Take care.

Cheers for now.