Sunday, February 20, 2011

Blogging Now on!

Well there have been quite a few things going on in the past months,
including a 7 week expedition in Antarctica and the Talisker Bounty Boat
being on display at the Tasmanian Wooden Boat Festival. I was not there, as
I was returning from Antarctica at the time, but the boat was a special
exhibit in Prime position and manned by George Ramm a volunteer. Thousands
of people streamed past apparently and it was a huge success, so thanks to
all for setting that up.

Progress is steady but slow with the planned Shackleton James Caird
expedition in Feb/March 2012, but for now my total focus is on Expedition and the hunt for something special?. The blog
is now live every week and will move to daily updates in the next few weeks
as we set out from the Philippines in early April voyaging across the
Pacific through Micronesia to Tonga and the unknown.

The Sheffield Institute is up and fully functional now, with Stage 2 of the
fundraising in full swing. I have pledged 20% of any of the treasure/profits
coming my way from this treasure hunt to SIF, so while I know the
researchers will be working hard to make new discoveries into the effects
and cure of MND, I have a real incentive to make new discoveries underwater

So look forward to seeing you all on the Blog at!

I will post here when the Talisker Bounty boat Book and Doco are completed,
which may be late this year, but for now, this will be the last blog for
awhile. Thanks for being such good supporters. It was a Grand Adventure!


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