Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Bounty Boat Crew Launch BLOG!!

Well this may be the start of something interesting with the relaunch of our Bounty Boat Expedition set to officially take place in London on Sept. 2nd with some major announcements. To set the ball rolling we have today launched the BBB...the Bounty Boat Blog...just hope it works?

Bounty Boat is currently in a 40ft container leaving Singapore, on it's way to the UK. I am due to start giving BB presentations every day at the Sydney International Boat Show on Thursday with Jessica Watson by the way...see www.youngestround.com and we are right this minute trying to create a whole new look to this web site, so stay tuned.

Send me a comment so I know it works....

Welcome aboard....Don McIntyre


Anonymous said...

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stuartkeane said...

Dear John,
Sorry to disappoint you but the expedition has now successfully finished
Thanks all the same, you may find www.taliskerbountyboatauction.com interesting.
Thanks Stuart Keane